Pre-K 1 Weekly Newsletter 1/24/20

Weekly Letter 1.24

family engagement 1.24

This week we focused on different peoples’ jobs and the vehicles they use to help them do their jobs.  We shared our personal experience with community helpers and their vehicles during our “Turn and Talk” discussions.

While reading the book Whose Vehicle is This? by Sharon Katz Cooper, students guessed the names of the people who operate vehicles as part of their jobs, such as train engineers, fishermen, pilots, bus drivers, astronauts, and more.

At the Writing Center, children drew pictures of community helpers at work and were encouraged to describe how the vehicle helps each community helper do their job.

Children in the Dramatic Play Center continued to explore the roles of pilot and passenger at our “Pre-K 1 Airport!” We introduced child-made props, including an airplane and a taxi that children can actually sit in!

Next week we will explore the ways people stay safe as they operate or ride in vehicles.