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Welcome to Pre-K 1!

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Mrs. Blanco and Ms. Isabel

This Month in Pre-K 1

This month we will welcome our new friends into our classroom and explore all kinds of new Pre-K experiences! 

Enduring Understandings (big ideas that children will learn through this unit):

  • My classroom and program are safe places where I learn, play and have fun. 
  • I am an important member of my classroom community; my thoughts, needs, ideas and abilities matter.
  • My family, teacher and other children make up my classroom community; their thoughts, needs, ideas and abilities matter.
  • The teachers and other adults at my program keep me safe and care about me.
  • In my classroom I use materials carefully and make choices about where I work and play.
  • Classroom rules and routines help me learn and stay safe. 

Specials Schedule

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NYC DOE Learn at Home Guide

Handwashing Steps

Guide to Pre-K

Parent Guide to Literacy

Parent Guide to Authentic Assessment



Scholastic Reading Club
About once a month a Scholastic Reading Club catalog will be sent home in your child’s folder. You may purchase seasonal and thematic books, as well as your many of your child’s favorite books, at using our classroom code LKDQ9. Each purchase you make earns points that can be used to purchase exciting books and literacy tools for our classroom!

 Participation is always completely optional.


Week of 9-14-2020 Breakfast and Lunch Schedule (1)


Pre-K 1 Weekly Newsletter 9/14-9/18

Posted on September 18, 2020

Hybrid Newsletter September 18

Remote Weekly Letter 9.14.20

We had a great first week of school! We adjusted to our new school routines, discussed rules to help us be safe and kind, and learned about sharing toys, stories and ideas with our friends and families!

Next week we will continue to learn our daily routines. We will also be practicing on talking about our feelings throughout the school day.

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