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This Month in Pre-K 1

This month Pre-K will be exploring a unit entitled “Plants.” We are very excited to explore plants around our classroom and school community, as well as observe the early signs of spring around us! Each week we will focus on a new concept related to plants, including:

  • What are plants?
  • What do plants need and where do we find them?
  • What are some different kinds of plants?
  • Why are plants important?

April calendar 2019

April 18-26: Spring Recess

April 29: Classes resume

May 3: Planting with Pre-K Gala Event (see flyer for more details)

Specials Schedule- 

Monday: Art *breakfast early at 8am!*

Tuesday: Gym **Please wear sneakers**

Friday: Music


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Scholastic Reading Club
About once a month a Scholastic Reading Club catalog will be sent home in your child’s folder. You may purchase seasonal and thematic books, as well as your many of your child’s favorite books, at using our classroom code LKDQ9. Each purchase you make earns points that can be used to purchase exciting books and literacy tools for our classroom! Participation is always completely optional.


**Pizza will be served every Friday at lunch**

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Weekly Letter

Weekly Letter 4.17

Weekly Letter 4.12 (1)

Weekly Letter 4.5

Family Engagement

Family Engagement 4.17

Family Engagement 4.12

family engagment 4.5

Pre-K 1 Weekly Letter 4/17

Posted on April 17, 2019

Weekly Letter 4.17

Family Engagement 4.17

This week we celebrated Earth Day by exploring the many simple ways we can help take care of the Earth!

To help inspire our Earth-friendly ideas, we read 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World by Melanie Walsh and Big Earth Little Me by Thom Wiley. We were excited to see that we are already making choices that help the Earth everyday!

At the Art Center, children designed and built “Earth inventions” using recycled materials. Our Earth inventions can vacuum up litter, clean the ocean, take care of plants, and sort recycling.

We introduced many sustainable practices in our classroom this week, including recycling paper scraps and unwanted artwork, turning off the lights when we leave the classroom, and returning books and toys to the shelves to be used again and again!

We are so proud of the creativity and the enthusiasm the children showed for helping to keep the Earth clean and healthy!

Pre-K 1 Weekly Newsletter 4/12

Posted on April 12, 2019

Family Engagement 4.12

This week we read The Curious Garden by Peter Brown. It’s a story where a little boy finds some isolated plants growing on an abandoned railway tracks. He takes it upon himself to become the gardener and help the garden flourish! The children learned that this story is based on the true curious garden in High Line Park in NYC.

The children created their own curious gardens by building them in the Block Center. They added trees, flowers, and plants of their own creation to it.

We have assembled and continued to add to our Rainforest in the Dramatic Play area! The children are enjoying it! They like to design the vines, leaves, and animals that can be added to the rainforest.

In the Science Center, we started planting the seeds that were brought in by the children. We can’t wait to see our garden of fruits, vegetables, and flowers grow!

Next week we will explore different kinds of plants, such as cactus, evergreen, succulent, and herbs!

Pre-K 1 Weekly Letter 4/5

Posted on April 5, 2019

family engagment 4.5

Weekly Letter 4.5

This week we began exploring our new unit all about plants!

We read Up in the Garden, Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner. We observed the plants and animals living in the little girl’s garden, as well as the changes occurring below the dirt that we do not usually get to see!

At the Science Center children planted garden bean seeds in bags and placed them on the classroom windows so we can observe them grow! We also made sure to provide the seeds with sunlight, air, and water. Children recorded their seed observations in a Science Journal.

At the Art Center with Mrs. Filiberti we drew our observations of real plants with colorful flowers. We also began creating leaves, flowers, and vines for our classroom rainforest.

Next week we will explore what plants need to grow, as well as the many places we find plants in our communities and around the world! We cannot wait to see our classroom transformed into a tropical rainforest next week as well!

Pre-K 1 Weekly Newsletter 3/29

Posted on March 29, 2019

Weekly Letter 3.29

Family Engagement 3.29

This week we wrapped up our unit with the read aloud Water Can Be… by Laura Salas and discussed all the different ways water can be, such as a body of water like a lake or river, a type of weather, or a thirst quencher.  We learned how important water is for all living things including animals and plants. 

The children were encouraged to use their senses to observe any type of water that they see during the day.  We discovered that we have a lot of water around us, whether it came from our sink, in our food at meal times, and even on our cars on chilly mornings!

In the Science Center, the children observed how colored water travels up inside carnations to show how plants drink water up their stem. 

As a group we explored what foods and ingredients mix, or dissolve, into water. We mixed water with rice, flour, oil salt and sugar.  We observed that only the salt and sugar dissolved.

Next week we will be starting our new unit on Plants.

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