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Welcome to Pre-K 1!

Mrs. Blanco and Ms. Isabel

This Month in Pre-K 1

Upcoming Dates:

May Calendar 2022- Updated

May 6th – Full Day of Pre-K

May 20th – Full Day of Pre-K

May 24th- Pre-K Gala Community Event

May 30th – No School, Memorial Day


Unit: Babies

Student Outcomes for this unit:

  • Human babies need special food and care
  • animal babies need special food and care
  • there are similarities and differences in the ways babies are cared for
  • all babies grow

Specials Schedule

Monday: Art with Mrs. Filiberti (during Choice Time)

Tuesday: Gym with Coach Russo

Friday: Music with Mr. Russo 


Pre-K 1 Recipe Book– Thank you to everyone who contributed their favorite family recipes!


Resources of At-Home Learning:

Handwashing Steps

Guide to Pre-K

Parent Guide to Literacy

Parent Guide to Authentic Assessment


Scholastic Reading Club
About once a month a Scholastic Reading Club catalog will be sent home in your child’s folder. You may purchase seasonal and thematic books, as well as your many of your child’s favorite books, at using our classroom code LKDQ9. Each purchase you make earns points that can be used to purchase exciting books and literacy tools for our classroom!

 Participation is always completely optional.


May 2022 Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Pre-K 1 Weekly Newsletter 5/20

Posted on May 20, 2022

Family Engagement 5.20.22

Weekly Letter 5.20.22

This week, we read the book Over in the Meadow by Ezra Jack Keats. We discovered that a meadow is a habitat with many different types homes where various living things can live. 

In the Block Center the children had an opportunity to create these different types of habitats.

We also focused on what kinds of animals hatch from an egg. The children brainstormed a list of animals. Then in the Art Center they made eggs using paper maché around balloons. Once the eggs were dried, the children created various types of animals that could hatch from an egg.  

In the Science Center the children continued their science journals by documenting animals that hatch from eggs, as well any other animals that interested them. 

Next week, we will begin focusing on human babies. 


Pre-K 1 Weekly Newsletter 5/13

Posted on May 13, 2022

Family Engagement 5.13.22

Weekly Letter 5.13.22

This week, we began our Babies Unit by looking at animal babies and reading the fact book Follow Me by Shira Evans. We also read the book Stellaluna by Janell Canon. This book explored the differences and similarities among some baby animals as one baby animal got lost and became friends with others.

Together we charted the different types of baby animals. We discussed specific names of baby animals such as kittens, puppies, calves and cubs.

We began our research at the Science Center with information books and iPads, drawing and writing about chosen baby animals in our science journals.

In Art, we painted, collaged and drew pictures of baby animals to present to our friends during circle time. 

Next week, we will be continuing our study of animal babies and their habitats.


Pre-K 1 Weekly Newsletter 5/6

Posted on May 6, 2022

Family Engagement 5.6.22 

Weekly Letter 5.6.22

This week we wrapped up our Plant unit by reading The Vegetables We Eat.  We discussed the differences between a vegetable and a fruit.  The children sorted out our pretend fruits and vegetables from Dramatic Play.

We took a nature walk outside in search of different kinds of plants. The children found various types of flowers and plants!

In our Art Center, the children used their fine motor skills to stamp out pictures of flowers using different materials.

At the Science Center, we observed a lettuce head in water to see if it would regrow its leaves.  We are still watching!

Next week, we will be starting our new unit on Babies. We will begin by finding out about animal babies.



Pre-K 1 Weekly Newsletter 4/29

Posted on April 29, 2022

Family Engagement 4.29 

Weekly Letter 4.29

This week we read An Orange in January by Dianna Hutts Aston. We discussed the journey of an orange from farm to home.  The children were then invited to try drawing and writing about the journey of other fruits and vegetables either to their home or school.

In the Art Center we looked at the paintings of famous artists, including Claude Monet’s Sunflowers and Georgia O’Keefe’s Poppy and then enjoyed recreating our own versions.    

This week we continued to plant more seeds and recorded observations in our science journals. 

In the Math Center we used unifix cubes to measure how tall our class plants had grown, and also used the balance scale to compare which seeds were heavy or light.

Next week we will be discussing why plants are important to us.


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