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Mrs. Blanco and Mrs. Fishstein

This Month in Pre-K 2

Welcome to Pre-K 2! We are so excited to start a new year and make new friends as we learn and grow together! September will be all about learning new school routines and exploring new activities around the classroom and school. We will learn how to “sign in” each morning, read our daily schedule, make independent choices, work cooperatively with friends, and identify and respond to our feelings, as well as the feelings of others! 

Specials Schedule- Coming Soon!
Monday- 8:15 Spanish, 9:45 Computers
Wednesday- 9:00 Gym, 9:45 Music
Thursday-  Art (push-in during Choice Time)

– Parent Guide to Pre-K Common Core
Parent Guide to Literacy
Parent Guide to Pre-K

Scholastic Reading Club
About once a month a Scholastic Reading Club catalog will be sent home in your child’s folder. You may purchase seasonal and thematic books, as well as your many of your child’s favorite books, at using our classroom code LKDQ9. Each purchase you make earns points that can be used to purchase exciting books and literacy tools for our classroom! Participation is always completely optional.


September RC Lunch

September RC Breakfast

Pre-K 2 Weekly Letter 9/25-9/29/17

Posted on September 22, 2017

This week we discussed feelings and how to express them! As we get to know our new friends, we are learning to recognize their unique feelings and respond to them kindly and respectfully.


We read On Monday When it Rained by Cherryl Kachenmeister to help us identify typical facial expressions that correspond with common feelings. Then we created our own book, Pre-K 2 Feelings, that showcases all of our friends demonstrating emotions and explaining what makes them feel that way. We love sharing this book as a special read aloud!


We read It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles Green Shaw and discovered different shapes that clouds can make in the sky! In the Art Center, we created our own clouds turning them into creative shapes of our own!


Next week we will continue to learn about our friends and create a class book about our favorite school activities!

Events and Birthdays:

9/21-9/24: DWCA Carnival! Please check the school website for more information!

9/24: Happy Birthday Sophia!


*If you have not done so already, please send the following items to school as soon as possible:

  • Waterproof smock
  • Change of clothing (including shirt, shorts/pants, socks, and underwear)
  • A Family picture to hang in our Quiet Corner
  • Any start of school forms and Class Bank contribution that are still owed

Special Announcements:

We are encouraging independence with our friends at school. This includes unpacking, putting on and taking off jackets, getting changed, and cleaning up after ourselves.  We encourage you to promote self-help at home as well!

Pre-K 2 Douglaston Weekly Newsletter 9/18/17

Posted on September 15, 2017

Special Announcements:

It was a pleasure meeting many of you at Back to School Night. I hope you found the information shared useful and are excited as I am to begin this new adventure!


Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Your childs notebook is a wonderful way to get in touch, as well as via email at lblanco@dwcaonline. org . I look forward to working with you this year!


Our monthly breakfast/lunch menu is posted. If your child prefers something other than what is listed on the menu, you can send in additional food or drink for your child.

We had a great first week of school! Over the first few days we have watched students learn and actively participate in our daily routines.  Students are slowly being introduced to our learning centers. This week in the art center, students learned how to use glue, (not a lot, just a dot) while creating free art with various different materials including paper scraps, cotton balls and foam pieces.


Pre-K also had their first fire drill this week.  We did a great job quickly and quietly exiting the building and will continue to practice for future fire drills. 


Rest time gives students a time to relax comfortably on their cots with their blankets. This is a nice break for students to sleep or rest quietly and helps them get ready for our afternoon activities.


This week we continue to learn our daily routines.  We are also excited to take our class picture on Friday (9/22)! As always please let us know if you have any questions.


*Please check notebook and folder and return to school daily.


*Gym is on Wednesday– please have your child wear sneakers.


* Please provide us with an absent note if your child is absent.


*To order school pictures, please return the form or submit online.


*Class Bank Money and beginning of school forms are due. They are available on our school website,

Events and Birthdays:

*9/17- Happy 4th Birthday Ryan!


*Picture Days- 9/21 (individual) and 9/22 (group). Please return

the picture order form or submit online.

Pre-K 2 Douglaston Weekly Newsletter 6/12

Posted on June 9, 2017

Pre-K Newsletter

Week of June 12th-16th


This week we explored how objects change through group activities and read alouds!


At the Art Center, children were inspired by the book Not a Box to transform recycled materials into new creations. Children also observed how paint colors change when they are mixed together in different ways.


In the Block center, the children were challenged to build it taller using cardboard blocks! We noticed that towers with wider bases stood taller than those with small bases.


At the Science Center, children used recycled paper donated by our families to make new paper! We followed multi-step directions and even reused old window screens to complete this experiment!


Next week we will explore what kinds of things change in nature! You can start by observing changes in your neighborhood!


Events and Birthdays:

6/14: Field Day

6/22: End of Year Celebration & Last Day of Pre-K



*Please RSVP for our End of Year Celebration if you have not done so already!


*The warm weather is finally here! Please apply sunscreen before school and consider sending your child with a water bottle (labeled with his/her name).

Special Announcements:


Wednesday, June 14th is Field Day! Please wear sneakers and sunscreen! We also recommend sending a water bottle clearly labeled with your childs name.

Mrs. LoBosco asks that children wear superhero, red, or blue clothing to match the theme!


In the case of inclement weather, Field Day will take place during our regular gym class.

Douglaston Pre-K 2 Weekly Newsletter 6/5/17

Posted on June 2, 2017

Weekly Newsletter June 5-June 9

Special Announcements:


As many of you may have heard, our class fish Cupcake went on a vacation this week! He sent us pictures and letters from the new places he explored, including the beach, the pyramids in Egypt, Disney World, and the Grand Canyon! We have missed Cupcake so much and cannot wait to welcome him back to school on Monday!

Weekly Activities

This week we began our new unit, Transformation. We learned that many things changes around us such as the season, weather and our feelings. The students were introduced to new vocabulary words transformation, change, weather, and meteorologist, as well as several weather words.


In the Dramatic Center, the children pretended to be meteorologists and engaged in conversations related to weather, temperature and seasons.


In the Block center, the children transformed ordinary block structures into dream houses inspired by the book The Big Orange Splot.


At the Science Center, children created weather art with different materials to represent different kinds of weather. We also began new Science Journals to help us record the weather we observe outside our classroom each day.


Next week we will explore how objects can change and discuss recycling!


Events and Birthdays:

6/05- Mad Science Field Trip



*Monday, June 5th: Mad Science in-school field trip!


*Thursday, June 15 Pre-K Field Day. More Information to come!


*Thursday, June 22nd will be our End of Year Celebration and final day of school. More information to come!

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