Pre-K 2 Weekly Newsletter 4.1

This week we began exploring our new unit all about plants!

We read Up in the Garden, Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner. We observed the plants and animals living in the little girl’s garden, as well as the changes occurring below the dirt that we do not usually get to see!

As a whole group we planted bean seeds in Ziploc bags and placed them on the classroom windows so we can observe them growing! We provided the seeds with sunlight, air, and water.  The children also planted their own flower, fruit or vegetable seeds. Finally, they began to record their seed observations in a Science Journal.

At the Art Center we drew our observations of real plants with colorful flowers. We also voted on our new dramatic play theme and will be creating a flower shop.

Weekly Letter 4.1.22

Family Engagement 4.1.22

Next week we will explore what plants need to grow, as well as the many places we find plants in our communities and around the world!