Pre-K 2 Weekly Newsletter – 5.20

This week, we read the book Over in the Meadow by Ezra Jack Keats. We discovered that a meadow is a habitat
with many different types homes where various living things can live. 

In the Block Center the children had an opportunity to create different kinds of habitats.

We also focused on what kinds of animals hatch from an egg. The children brainstormed a list of animals.
Then in the Art Center they made eggs using paper maché around balloons. Once the eggs were dried,
the children created an animal that could hatch from an egg.  

In the Science Center the children continued their science journals by documenting animals that hatch from eggs,
as well any other animals that interested them. 

Weekly Letter 5.20.22

Family Engagement 5.20.22

Next week, we will begin focusing on human babies.