Pre-K 2 Weekly Newsletter 6.3

This week, we read the book When I was Little and discussed the many ways the girl in the book changed as she grew from baby to child. As a class we brainstormed a list of vocabulary words and ideas related to the main idea of the read aloud. We also built text-to-self connections by discussing the ways each of us change as we grow.

At the Writing Center children responded to our read aloud by drawing pictures and writing words to describe themselves “then” and “now.” Some of our ideas included talking, walking, gymnastics, eating different foods, and playing with different toys like bikes and scooters.

At the Math Center children used ribbon measured to their birth length to compare with objects around the classroom.  We really enjoyed seeing how small we were as babies and how tall we are now!    

Weekly Letter 6.3.22

Family Engagement 6.3.22

Next week, we will begin our last unit “Transformation!”