Pre-K 2 Weekly Newsletter (January 10)

Pre-K began a new unit all about transportation! We learned that transportation means the way we travel from one place to another and that there are many different kinds of vehicles that help people, animals, and things travel! We brainstormed different kinds of vehicles that we want to learn more about and explore.

At the Art Center the children started creating some of these vehicles with art tools and materials, as well as recycled boxes, tubes, and clean food containers!

After reading The Bus for Us children brainstormed the different transportation they use to get to school each morning. We answered the question “how do you get to Pre-K ?” through drawing, dictation, and writing. We then used our responses to create a graph and count the results.

Next week we will continue to learn about different kinds of transportation through our read alouds, discussions, and play!

Weekly Letter 1.10.20

Family Engagement 1.10.20