Pre-K 2 Weekly Newsletter – June 14

This week we read Joseph Had a Little Overcoat by Simms Taback. The story talks about how Joseph starts out with an overcoat and ‘transforms’ it into a jacket, vest, etc. This led us into a conversation about how we already reuse materials. For example, we reviewed how paper is recycled to make to new paper, cans make new cans and bottles too!

We also began to discuss the changes we see around us. The children described some of the changes as plants growing, people growing, clouds changing shapes and colors.

In the Art Center, we mixed colors together to see what happens!

The children also learned that they are beginning to read using the sounds and letters they already know to create rhyming word lists like cat, hat, mat, rat …

Next week we will discuss what kinds of changes happen in nature. We will focus on the lifecycle of butterflies and how they go through different stages.

Weekly Letter 6.14

Family Engagement 6.14