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Tuesday: Music 

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Reading together as a family every night is an important event in a young child’s life. It helps to build listening skills, comprehension, vocabulary, and pure enjoyment for reading. What a wonderful gift that you as a parent can give your child!


Scholastic book orders are given out monthly in your child’s folder. This allows your child to pick and order books that are of interest to them. By buying Scholastic books you are enabling your child the powerful to build up their literacy skills. Each book order grants bonus points for our classroom. This allows us to order free books or materials through Scholastic for the classroom in order to benefit your child’s education. When ordering a book order from, please use the code HRF22. This tells Scholastic that your order is for our class. Thank you in advance for any generous orders that will help our children and classroom grow!


October 2019 Calendar



Oct 19 Breakfast

Oct 19 lunch

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Monday, September 30- class pictures

Friday, October 4- Full day of Pre-K

Monday, October 14- No school (Columbus Day)


For the month of October, we will be starting our unit on My 5 Senses. The children will be having authentic fun experiences to learn about all of their senses. We will be learning about people who have a disability with some senses and how they cope with it. The children will be immersed in many hands on activities throughout the centers, including mixing colors, tasting  new things, guessing smells from cotton swabs, and touching various textures. 

Newsletter (October 11)

Posted on October 11, 2019

Weekly Letter 10.11

This week we continued our theme on The Five Senses by focusing on our hearing.  We read Tap Tap Boom Boom by Elizabeth Gluemle and enjoyed acting out rain storm sounds from the story with our bodies and with instruments.  

We also went on a listening walk around the school to identify sounds using our sense of hearing.  We used new vocabulary such as loud, quiet, soft, silent and also learned about sign language.

We created instruments in the Art Center with recyclable materials to compare sounds with real instruments. 

The children discovered many innovative ways to use familiar materials to create their instruments!

Next week we will be focusing on our sense of smell and taste.  We will be smelling and tasting many different things to compare and describe them.

Family Engagement 10.11.19

Newsletter (October 4)

Posted on October 4, 2019

Weekly Letter 10.4

This week we began our new unit all about using our five senses to explore Fall!

We started by focusing on our sense of sight and discussed all of the things we can see with our eyes. We played the game “I Spy…” searching for all the things that can be seen with our eyes within our classroom. 

The children discussed how glasses and contact lenses are worn by some children and adults to help their vision. Additionally, we learned that people who are blind use walking sticks or guide dogs to help them. We explored the challenges of not being able to see through a special art activity!

We felt excited to go on our first nature walk and used our sense of sight to learn about the area around our school. We observed a variety of people, objects, colors and shapes on our walk. At the Science Center we recorded our observations using a combination of drawing and dictation.

Next week we will discuss our sense of hearing!

Family Engagement 10.4

Newsletter (September 27)

Posted on September 27, 2019

Weekly Letter 9-27

This past week, we wrapped up our Welcome to Pre-K by reading the book I Like Myself written by Karen Beaumont. We discussed things that we like about ourselves (hair, eyes, hands, and so on).

The children were invited to come to the Art Center and draw a self-portrait.  The children noticed that we all have things in common, like hair, eyes, and other body parts.

The children were also asked what they like about Pre-K. They enjoyed hearing each other’s answers, which included playing with the toys and new friends, as well as which center they liked the best.

Next week we will be starting our new theme of My Five Senses by focusing on the sense of sight.

Family Engagement 9-27-19

Newsletter (September 20)

Posted on September 20, 2019

Weekly Letter 9.20

This past week we have continued to practice our routines in the classroom, as well as introduce new routines such as our classroom jobs.  We have been continuing discussions on how to be safe in our school (classroom, outside play, fire drills, stairs, etc).


We read On Monday When it Rained by Cherryl Kachenmeister. This book focused on different types of feelings.  The children had an opportunity to act out different feelings and have also been encouraged to talk about them, especially when something upsets them, such as not sharing toys.  We have been learning about how our actions can make others feel.  


We also introduced our class mood meter/feelings chart.  This is an area where the children can put their picture on the emotion that they are feeling.  They are welcome to move that picture to another feeling as the day progresses. 

Family Engagement 9.20.19

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