Pre-K2 Bayside – Newsletter 25 – Week of 3/20

Last week the children helped read the wordless book Float by Daniel Miyares and then visited the writing center to create their own books.  At the water tray we also explored many different objects which can either “float on top” of the water or “sink to the bottom” and discussed why we think this happens.

In the science center we discovered which materials were waterproof or absorbent (soaked up the water).  The children used their fine motor skills to squeeze pipettes to drop water on plastic, fabric, paper, aluminum and cotton balls.

Following on from our discovery that salt mixed (dissolved) into water, we also looked at flour, coffee, oil and sugar.  We observed that only the sugar dissolved.

This week we will be discussing how water is important for all living things and how it helps us.

Family Engagement:

Think about whether there is water in the foods and beverages your child eats and drinks.  Try cooking something together and consider each ingredient in the recipes you prepare.