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                                         Supplies for the 2017-18 school year

1. Two 2 pocket folders

2. Pocket sized Spanish-English dictionary

3. 100 index cards and something to store them in

4. Highlighter and dry erase marker

5. Two 100 page “marble” notebooks (not spiral).  

**For incoming 7th and 8th graders, if your Cuaderno 2 (vocabulary notebook) is in excellent shape from last year and has at least 1/2 of it still empty, you can continue to use it and therefore, only buy one marble notebook for this year.

                                  Any questions, please contact me at 

November letter

Please stay tuned to this page for upcoming tests, quizzes and projects. You can contact me at

Excellent online translator and help with verbs: 


Grado 8:  Research for Hispanic Heritage month project is due in class on Nov. 15th.  ***If you are doing an extra credit report, it is due by Wednesday, 11/22, the latest.  8-2 will not meet me on Wednesday, so you need to find me in order to hand it in.

Grado 7:  El Dia de los Muertos project is due 11/21.  The 4th part on the bottom (writing the 4-5 sentences of your opinion will be done IN CLASS on 11/21.  Follow instructions carefully on the sheet; email or ask any questions.  This counts as a test grade.

Grado 6:  Quiz on 11/21.  Study un/una/unos/unas and the classroom vocabulary.  Project “Mi librito de Accion de Gracias” is due 11/21.  Counts as a test grade.


Tarea (hw)

Posted on October 4, 2017

                                                                  Tarea (HW)

Grado 6:

Study for quiz on 11/21, Tuesday, see “Upcoming tests and quizzes”. Begin working on the “Mi librito de Accion de Gracias” project due 11/21.  

Grado 7

The El Dia de los Muertos project is due Tuesday, 11/21.  Bring Cuaderno 1 with your four sentences of your opinion on the holiday to class with two blank index cards.


Grado 8:

  The research for the famous hispanic/hispanic-american, including a picture of the person, needs to be printed out and brought into school on Nov. 15th.  

The Shopping vocab (sections 1 & 2) copied and translated in Cuaderno 2 are due 11/21 for 8-2 and 11/22 for 8-1.


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