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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español de la Señora Lago! Welcome to Mrs. Lago’s Spanish class!

At Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy grades, K-3 have Spanish once per week, while grades 5-8 have Spanish twice per week.

In lower grades, students will be able to:

  • Greet someone and ask how they are doing.
  • Say their nationality, where they are from, and where they live.
  • Count from 0-100 (depending on the grade)
  • Express the time, day, and date.
  • Identify colors.
  • Body parts.
  • Family members.


Our classes start with a morning song that we use to review salutations, then we talk about our feelings and review the vocabulary from our previous class. Then we introduce the topic of the lesson with a story, short video, or song. The students learn the new vocabulary and pronunciation by repeating after the teacher. Afterward, we will start an activity during which we will put into practice what we learned during the class.

The students in the upper levels/middle school will work on the four skills necessary to learn a foreign language: listening, writing, reading, and speaking. Each unit will focus on one principal topic that will explore these four skills. For example, a favorite unit in 7th grade is food. The students are introduced to Spanish-speaking cultures by way of readings, videos, and audio recordings about traditions and customs, etc. We work on grammar in a fun way so that the students are motivated to learn. My ultimate objective for middle school is that at the end of the year the students know which countries speak Spanish, where they are located, and the customs of these countries; that they can have basic conversations in Spanish and that they can express themselves by writing and orally using present and past tenses, and the ability to eventually use the future tense. I want them to know that speaking a foreign language such as Spanish can open doors for them in the future and help them better understand the world and the people that live in it.

Please see some of the pictures of projects we have completed in class.


Please, check some of the websites that we use in class that are really good to practice at home.




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