Happy New Year STEM-2022

Thinking Like A Scientist and Engineer

What are the two methods of Scientific Thinking?

Compare the Scientific Method to the Engineering design process


K-1st grade

-Problem Solving using age appropriate skills. Fine and gross motor skills, eye hand coordination practice

2nd grade

-What is Matter? Rocks and Fossils

3rd grade

-Engineering Design Cycle applied to various projects

-Antarctic Penguin Races

4th grade

-Matter and Electricity. What is a circuit? 


-What are Atoms? Parts of an Atom.

5th grade

-Ecosystems, Biomes and the Cycles of Life.

-Let’s Build a Biosphere-

6th grade-

-What is Energy? Simple Machines and the Roller Coaster Challenge

7th grade-Safety Rules and the Nature of Science-How to do a Life Science Investigation

-What is DNA? Isolation and Extraction of DNA from a plant cell

-Genes and Inheritance—-What is an Allele? Let’s design an Organism

-Systems of the Body

8th grade-Safety Rules and the Nature of Science-How to do a Physical Science Investigation

-8th grade- What is Matter? Matterslideshow.pdf

periodic Table

-What are minerals and their properties? Dynamic Earth—Volcano/Earthquake models

Plate Tectonics RockCycle