Weekly Letter April 16th

I hope you all had a nice weekend! Hopefully we see more warm weather like Saturday in the upcoming weeks. Please read below to find out what we will be studying this week…

Reading & Writing:

This week we are continuing with our engineering design unit. Students were put into groups today and given a final task. Some of those finals tasks included building a bridge, vehicle, or home out of the materials given. Students loved coming up with a plan and seeing if their plan worked. We are also learning how to work together as a group! This week we are continuing up our poetry unit! We will start our very own color poems! Color poems have students use their senses to describe what their color may be. For example,


Red is the stripes I see on the American Flag

Red is the new crayon I see in a box

Red is the apple that I eat

Red tastes like…

Red smells like…


Chapter 9 test on Tuesday! On Wednesday this week we will begin Chapter 10: Represent Data. During this chapter, the students will learn how graphs and charts help them organize, represent, and interpret data. The students will learn about a picture graph and a bar graph, as well as how to use tally marks to make a tally chart. When working with graphs and chart, students have a high level of curiosity and many questions to ask. This will be a fun and interactive chapter that the students will enjoy!

Announcements & Reminders:

  • Scholastic book orders due by Friday
  • Dress Down Day Friday
  • If your child received a dress down coupon for May 11th, please change the date to May 10th! We are going on our trip May 11thand need to wear gym uniforms.