Weekly Letter April 25th

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I hope you all had a relaxing break!  Please read below to find out all the wonderful things we will be doing this week…

Reading & Writing: This week students will continue with our study on poetry. Before we left for break, we completed color poems using a color of our choice. This week we will be taking a closer look at cinquain poems. Students will choose a topic (person, place, or thing) and describe that word using verbs, adjectives, and phrases. We will be practicing this skill all week. Students are loving this writing unit!

Spelling/Phonics/Grammar: Students this week are learning about “ou” words that make the “ow” sound just like the words we learned last week. During our word work activities, we will be sorting words based on the letters that the word has. For example, the words flower and our, make the same sound, but have different letter patterns in the middle. This skill will take some time to understand.

Math: Today and tomorrow we will complete the final lessons in chapter 10, which will have students practice adding two digit numbers. On Wednesday, we will complete the study guide and send it home in green folders. Our chapter test is on Friday.

Religion: This week we will continue with chapter 18 and discuss ways that we can make choices as children of God. I will create different real life scenarios and have child discuss choices that they can make.

Reminders & Announcements:

  • Please try to empty green folders every night
  • Work with your child on zippering coats or even tying shoes 
  • Students should be reading for 15 minutes every night!