Weekly Letter for February 27th

February 27, 2017

Dear Families,

Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed the winter recess.  The students were happy to see each other and share all the fun things they did while on vacation.  There is a lot going on this week as usual!

Reading – We are finishing up our unit on American Symbols this week.  The students will be learning about the Liberty Bell and the White House.  They will be finishing up their informational texts about the symbols they have learned about throughout this unit.

Our comprehension focus for this unit has been finding the main idea.  Students will practice using details from the story to identify the main idea. We will be practicing this skill during shared reading and guided reading for the next several weeks.  You can help at home by asking your child to tell you the main idea of the book they are reading.


Phonics/Spelling – This week the student will be learning about two other ways to make the long o sound: oa and ow.   Please be sure to review the words each night.  There will be a formal assessment on Friday.

Math – Before the break, we began Chapter 7 Comparing Numbers.  The students will learn how to determine which number is greater than and which number is less than.  They symbols for greater than and less than will also be introduced.  We will also using mental math to write numbers that are 10 less and 10 more than a given number.

Religion – During Chapter 17, the students have learned about the sacrament of Baptism.  We discussed the many important symbols of the sacrament: water, the white garment and the candle.  We also know that we become members of the Church at Baptism and receive grace (God’s life in us).  If your child has been baptized, please send in one picture from that day.  These pictures will be used in a classroom display and will be returned to you.  Please send in the picture by Friday, March 3rd.  There will be a formal assessment on Thursday, March 2nd.  I will be sending home the book starting on Tuesday, so that you can review the chapter with your child.

Wednesday, March 1st is Ash Wednesday.  This day marks the beginning of the Lenten Season.  Our class will be attending a prayer service at 10:30 in St. Anastasia Church where they will receive ashes.

Have a wonderful week!


Mrs. V