Weekly Letter May 23rd

I hope you all had a great weekend! Please read on to find out what class 1-1 will be doing this week…

Reading & Writing: This week we are continuing with our unit about Plant and Animal Adaptations. Students will learn about 2 more habitats: grasslands and rainforests. We will explore some ways that plants and animals can adapt and survive in these interesting places.  

Spelling: This week students will be exploring what prefixes are. We will focus on the prefix re- and un-. These prefixes have different meanings and help to change the meaning of base words. We have been using this poster as a guide in our learning.

Math: This week in math we are starting Chapter 13-Time and Money. Chapter 12: measurement was a very short chapter and we will not be taking an assessment for it. This week we will be looking at the different coins and their value. This concept is a little tricky to understand at first but we will be practicing these next few days.

Religion: This week we will be learning about the Sacrament on Penance and Reconciliation. This sacrament helps us to receive God’s forgiveness and Peace.