Weekly Letter May 24th

I hope you all had a great weekend! Please read on to find out what class 1-2 will be doing this week…

Reading & Writing: This week we are continuing with our unit about Plant and Animal Adaptations. Students will begin the week by learning about the word: Adaptation! Plants and animals can have many physical or behavioral adaptations.

Today students learned about cactus plants. These plants can do some amazing things to survive! They can store gallons of water in their stems which can help them in the dry desert. They also have thorns (spines) to help protect themselves from being eaten by animals.

Math: This week in math we are starting with Chapter 12~Measurement! Students will be exploring words like longest, longer, shortest, shorter, and length. This is a short chapter and towards the end of the week we will jump into Chapter 13-Time and Money.

Religion: This week we will be talking about the Holy Family. Students will also identify ways that they share God’s love with their families. We can share God’s love when we are helpful and kind.

Reminders & Announcements:

  1. Scholastic Book Orders Due May 31st.
  2. Gala Activity on Thursday after school

(only if you signed your child up)

  1. No School~ Monday, May 31st.