Weekly Letter May 9th

I hope you all had a great weekend & Happy Mother’s day to all the moms! Please read on to find out what class 1-1 will be doing this week…

Reading & Writing: This week we are continuing with our unit about Plant and Animal Adaptations. Students will begin the week by learning about the word: Adaptation! Plants and animals can have many physical or behavioral adaptations.

This week we will focus on the desert habitat. Students will learn about cactus plants. These plants can do some amazing things to survive! They can store gallons of water in their stems which can help them in the dry desert. They also have thorns (spines) to help protect themselves from being eaten by animals. An animal in the desert is the camel! Camels have long eye lashes, hairy ears, and closing nostrils to help keep out sand!

Phonics: Our spelling focus this week is “oi” and “oy”. You can find these sounds in words like coin and boy. Students are starting to realize that if I hear the “oy/oi” sound at the end of the word I use “oy” and if I hear it in the middle of the word I use the letters “oi”. There will be a spelling test on Friday.

Math: This week we will be finishing up chapter 11. We will be reviewing the different subtraction strategies and completing a study guide. We will have our assessment on Friday.  

Religion: This week we will be beginning chapter 19: We Celebrate God’s Forgiveness. Students will learn about the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation and understand that we can always come back to God and ask for forgiveness.