Weekly Letter November 12th

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful, but cool weather this weekend! In class 1-2 we are getting ready to learn all about Light and Sound in our new science unit! This will be a very interactive unit and students will love every minute of it! J I love how excited the students get when experimenting with various objects during our STEM class. Below are some of the topics we will be studying during this week.

Reading & Writing:

The unit on Waves: Light & Sound is an interactive and exciting unit! During this unit, the students will be introduced to the skill of making predictions. This is a skill that readers use daily while reading, but also during every day activities. This week in Reading Workshop we will be discussing how important our five senses are. Tomorrow we will illustrate things we hear, smell, taste, touch, and hear. Towards the end of the week we will be going on a listening walk!

This week in Writing Workshop, the students will be learning about informational books: books that tell us information about topics. This will lead our focus on making journals throughout our new unit. Students will be involved in many hands on activities this month!

During writer’s workshop, students will also have a chance to choose a topic for their personal narratives. We will begin organizing our ideas and adding details to our story maps!


The phonics skill this week will focus on the long o vowel pattern. Please review our words each night! This week we will also focus on question marks and exclamation points. We practiced finding questions today and trying our best to make a question mark at the end of each question. These marks can be quite tricky. Maybe try to have students incorporate questions into their spelling sentences.  


We will be finishing chapter 3 this week. The last few lessons focus on using our knowledge of various addition strategies to help us solve word problems. Students are able to draw pictures to help them if they need. We are trying to get students away from using their fingers to help them solve. We are beginning to use mental math and using what we already know to help us solve other problems. We will spend a great deal of time reviewing the skills and strategies that the students will need to be ready for the assessment. *The chapter study guide will be going home on Friday. We will have an assessment on Tuesday, November 19th.

Announcements & Reminders

  • Religion Chapter 4 Assessment on Wednesday 11/20. Books will go home on Friday. Questions to focus on: Who is John the Baptist? Zacchaeus? What does it mean to trust?
  • Dress Down Day Friday