Weekly Letter October 28th

Happy Halloween! I can’t wait to see everyone in costume on Thursday. Please remember that all costumes must be bathroom friendly and children should not be bringing in any accessories for their costume. We will be participating in a school wide parade at 10am on Thursday (weather permitting). We hope to see you there! In the afternoon the children will be having a small Halloween celebration. Thanks to our class captains for coordinating everything! Please continue reading to see what will be happening in class 1-2 this week…

Reading & Writing

This week we will finish up our family books so that we can share them with you on November 5th! We can’t wait for you to see everything we’ve done this past month. During Writing Workshop this week, the students will be introduced to

Personal Narratives! During this writing unit, we will be discussing the writing process and how it takes time to finish a writing piece. In order to help guide and organize their personal narratives, the students will explore writing stories using a beginning, middle, and end. They will learn that throughout fictional stories, several events take place leading up to the end!


The phonics focus this week is the long i sound. The words all follow the i-e pattern. We call the “e” at the end of the word: Magic E because he is silent and makes the vowel say its name. Please refer to the homework sheet for the list of spelling and sight words. There will be a formal assessment on Friday, so please review these words every night.


This week, the students will continue to practice their addition facts, especially doubles facts! This week we will play a game called “Knockout” where we compete against our peers to solve an addition sentence in the fastest amount of time. Please continue to practice your facts at home.

Announcements & Reminders!

  • Noon Dismissal on Friday
  • Family Celebration/Brunch November 5th from 9:00-10:00 in Father Smith Hall!
  • Please sign and return progress reports ASAP! You should be receiving them any day now J
  • Scholastic Orders Due October 30th