Weekly Letter September 20th

       Happy almost FALL! This week we will continue to establish routines and procedures in our classroom that will help to create a safe and cooperative learning environment! Below are the topics and strategies that will be covered this week.E

Reading & Writing: This week we will continue to explore the work of Kevin Henkes. Henkes’ books help explore real life conflicts and emotions experienced by his characters in a child-friendly approach. Last week we met Wemberly from Wemberly Worried, and this week the students will meet Chrysanthemum. We will write about what makes us “wilt” (be sad) or what makes us “bloom” (be happy).

Phonics/Spelling: This week the phonics skill will focus on the short e vowel pattern. There will be a new homework sheet in the green folder. Please review the spelling words and sight words each night with your child. The more practice your child gets using phonics patterns, the more confident they will be when it comes to reading and writing! The reading log should be filled in each night and sent into school on Fridays.

Mathematics: In math we will start learning all about addition concepts! The students will learn that adding is putting together or joining. Students will use pictures to add as well as using objects to solve various problems. We will be starting chapter 1 this week. The homework worksheet will be in their green folders each night.

Religion: In religion students will learn about the wonderful things God created! Students will learn that God created the world and all people. Students will discuss the importance of everything God has created for our universe. We will also discuss the special gifts that God has given us including the ability to love and help others. We will discuss how we can love and help our classmates, our family and our community.