Weekly Letter September 23rd

I cannot believe we are almost finished with the month of September! This week will be a busy week filled with learning and thinking! The students are beginning to feel more comfortable following class routines independently. Our class is really starting to develop some nice friendships, helping build a community of learners. We look ahead to this week and all of the new and exciting things we will be learning.

Reading & Writing:

During Reading Workshop this week, students will continue to practice working independently in their center groups. Students have been working hard on transitioning from one activity to another and how they can setup and clean up properly. I have been slowly doing reading assessments with individual children. I hope to have them all tested by the end of the week. I will keep you updated!


This week our phonics skill is the “short o” vowel pattern. Please review spelling and sight words with your child each night.


We have our chapter one test on Tuesday, October 1st. During this week we will continue to practice addition and subtraction strategies. Students are becoming more familiar with the vocabulary of this chapter and understanding when they should add or subtract. For example, if they see the phrases, “how many more?” or “how many fewer?”, they should subtract. When they see the phrase “how many in all?”, they should add. I will send home some review material at the end of the week to help your child prepare more for our assessment.


Tomorrow, we have a chapter one test. Please return religion books, so that we can start chapter 2 on Wednesday. Chapter 2: “We Believe in the Blessed Trinity” will have children learn that Jesus is God’s greatest gift to us. We will explore the concept of the Blessed Trinity and practice the Sign of the Cross. Please practice at home as well J

Announcements & Reminders:

  • Chapter 1 Math Test- Tuesday, October 1st.
  • Picture Day forms are going home today. Class pictures on Monday (30th) and individual pictures on Tuesday (1st). Students should be in uniform on Monday. If you are purchasing a picture package, students may dress up for individual.
  • if you have not done so already, please send in a folder for Spanish class and a recess bag. The recess bag should be a zip lock bag filled with materials that your child could do in the event of indoor recess. Activities may include, Uno cards, playing cards, coloring books, activity books. These bags will be sent home occasionally to be replenished.