Weekly Newsletter (February 7)

This week we read the book Round Trip by Ann Jonas. The children compared what the family in the story saw on their trip during the day versus their travel in the evening. They noticed that the family saw more lights at nighttime because it was darker.

In the Art center, the children had an opportunity to create their own turn around pictures in black and white like our story Round Trip.

The children brainstormed sources of light during Circle Time. They then had an opportunity to try to find as many lights as they could around the classroom.  We continued to explore the reflections of light all around us, on mirrors and other shiny surfaces. 

We have also started to transform our Dramatic Play area into a campsite with a “campfire.”

Weekly Letter 2.7.20

Family Engagement 2.7.20

Next week we will continue our light unit by comparing shadows and learning about nocturnal versus diurnal animals.