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DWCA is committed to ensuring that EVERY student has the opportunity to explore and build an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The strength of our nation depends on increasing all students’ involvement in STEM, especially those most under-represented in STEM, and in helping them to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration skills that are so important throughout life. While the percentage of careers that require advanced STEM education increases, an alarmingly high percentage of students lose interest in STEM subjects early in their development. If the U.S. is to maintain its competitive advantage in the global economy, we need to ensure that our entire population of young people are educated in STEM fields for the 21st century.

STEM Topics for the Month of December 2017

Posted on December 9, 2017

Thinking Like A Scientist and Engineer

What are the two methods of Scientific Thinking?

Compare the Scientific Method to the Engineering design process


3rd grade

-Earth Science-What is Plate Tectonics and how does this process change the Earth?

4th grade

-What is Energy? How does Force, Work and Energy lead to motion?

-What are simple machines and how do they make work “seem” easier?

-Car’s, Catapults and Cantilevers…OH MY…..the relationship between

Force, Work and Energy—Simple Machines

5th grade

-Microscope work……..What is a cell? How do Plant and Animal Cells Compare

-Ecosystems, Biomes and the Cycles of Life.

-Let’s Build a Biosphere 

6th grade

-What is Matter? How do we use the Periodic Table to describe atoms?

-What are Atoms? Parts of an Atom. Chemical and Physical Properties

Chemical and Physical Reactions……Let’s design an chemistry experiment

7th grade
– Mitosis and Meiosis…..What’s the difference

-What is DNA? Isolation and Extraction of DNA from a plant cell

-Genes and Inheritance—-What is an Allele? Let’s design an Organism

8th grade

-8th grade- What is Matter? Matterslideshow.pdf

periodic Table

-What are minerals and their properties?

-What are Rocks and how are they formed?

-Layers of Earth Model and Plate Tectonics

-Let’s design a model for Sea-Floor Spreading and calculate the speed of the NAplate

Plate Tectonics RockCycle

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