Weekly Letter 5/31

Weekly Letter 5.31

family engagement 5.31

This week, we read the book Over in the Meadow by Ezra Jack Keats. We discovered that a meadow is a habitat with many different types homes where various living things can live.

In the Block Center the children had an opportunity to create different type of habitats (ocean, zoo, aquarium, jungle).

We also focused a lot on what type of animals hatch from an egg. The children brainstormed a list of animals that we charted. Then in the Art Center they got to make paper mache eggs. Once the eggs were dried, the children decorated their egg and imagined what kind of animal would hatch from it.

In the Science Center the children continued their science journals by documenting the baby animals, focusing this week on animals that hatch from eggs.

Next week, we will be focusing on how babies change as they grow up.

Pre-K 1 Weekly Newsletter 5/24

Weekly Letter 5.24

This week, we read the book Stellaluna by Janell Canon. The book explored the differences and similarities among some baby animals.  One baby animal got lost and became friends with others.

Together we charted the different types of baby animals. We discussed specific names of baby animals such as cub (tiger, lion, cheetah), infant (gorilla, orangutan, humans!), pup (sea otter, seal, dog) and calf (elephant, giraffe, cow). Our class also voted on whether to change our Dramatic Play Center to a vet’s office or a pediatrician’s office. We chose vet!

We continued our research at the Science Center with information books and iPads, drawing and writing about chosen baby animals in our science journals.

In Art, we painted, collaged and drew pictures of baby animals to present to our friends during circle time. 

Next week, we will be continuing our study of animal babies.

Pre-K 1 Weekly Letter 4/17

Weekly Letter 4.17

Family Engagement 4.17

This week we celebrated Earth Day by exploring the many simple ways we can help take care of the Earth!

To help inspire our Earth-friendly ideas, we read 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World by Melanie Walsh and Big Earth Little Me by Thom Wiley. We were excited to see that we are already making choices that help the Earth everyday!

At the Art Center, children designed and built “Earth inventions” using recycled materials. Our Earth inventions can vacuum up litter, clean the ocean, take care of plants, and sort recycling.

We introduced many sustainable practices in our classroom this week, including recycling paper scraps and unwanted artwork, turning off the lights when we leave the classroom, and returning books and toys to the shelves to be used again and again!

We are so proud of the creativity and the enthusiasm the children showed for helping to keep the Earth clean and healthy!

Mrs. DiMarcello 4-2 Newsletter; Week of 4/8

In Religion, students continued to discuss the significance of Holy Thursday and the Last Supper. Students received booklets with an outline and a description of each Station as the class read and reflected on each station.

In Mathematics, students continued to work and reviewed concepts for the New York Math State Test. This week students recognized different forms of angles, rays, and identified different shapes of symmetry.

In Social Studies, students continued to compare and contrast the colonies using graphic organizers and reference articles by citing evidence and details.

In Science/Stem, students created a model scale of the Earth and reviewed what the types of rocks found on Earth.

In English Language Arts, students continued with the novel, “The Tiger Rising” by reflecting on comprehension questions and figurative language found in the novel. Students created a poem related to the tiger in the novel and to an animal of his/her choice using vivid vocabulary and adjectives.

Last day of School before Easter break is Wednesday, April 17th.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Pre-K 2 Weekly Newsletter (March 29)

This week we wrapped up our unit with the read aloud Water Can Be… by Laura Salas and discussed all the different ways water can be, such as a body of water like a lake or river, a type of weather, or a thirst quencher.  We learned how important water is for all living things including animals and plants. 

The children were encouraged to use their senses to observe any type of water that they see during the day.  We discovered that we have a lot of water around us, whether it came from our sink, in our food at meal times, and even on our windows in the form of condensation!

In the Science Center, the children observed how colored water travels up inside carnations to show how plants drink water up their stem. 

Following on from our discovery that salt mixed (dissolved) into water, we also tried mixing water with rice, flour, oil and sugar.  We observed that only the sugar dissolved.

Weekly Letter 3.29

Family Engagement 3.29

Next week we will be starting our new unit on Plants.

Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy Gala & Auction 2019

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Pre-K 1 Weekly Letter 2/15

Weekly Letter 2.15

family engagment 2.14

This week we explored the questions “what is darkness?” and “what are shadows?”

We read Can’t You Sleep Little Bear by Martin Waddell. We noticed that different sources of light on each page. We also discussed our own feelings about the dark and the sources of light in our homes and bedrooms.

At the Art Center children observed Vincent Van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night. We used dark and light paints to create our own versions of The Starry Night with swirly and dotted lines, silhouettes, and shadows! Please visit our art gallery in the hallway to see our interpretation of this masterpiece!

At the Science Center we used new materials to create light reflections with our flashlights! We noticed that shiny materials bounced the light in a new direction. We also continued to observe and create shadows around our classroom.

After the break we will learn about the many ways that light helps us!

Homework 1/29/2019

1. Read and Log 30 mins.
2. Math pg. 349#1-8 and ALL pg. #350
3. Wear Sports Jersey Tomorrow and Sneakers
4. Water Cycle Test Thursday
5. Spanish Study AR verbs and le gusta/le gustan